Ultraviewer 6.1

An alternative to the popular application Teamviewer, this application allows users to access computers remotely

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Convenient remote control software for Windows PCs.

Ultraviewer is a remote access utility that allows you to remotely connect to a computer and control it. It's a popular program that has been downloaded more than 4 million times and is 100 percent free to use. With Ultraviewer, you'll be able to control the remote system just like you were sitting in front of their screen.

Compatible With All Versions of Windows

One of the biggest advantages of Ultraviewer is that it works with all versions of Windows, for both the host and guest computer. You can use the program with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and all versions of Windows Server. This makes the utility very convenient if the computer you want to connect to is running an older version of the Windows operating system.

Perfect for Remote Support

One of the most common uses of Ultraviewer is providing remote support. This can be done in both a business and personal context. If you're a computer technician, you can take advantage of this utility's power to provide remote support for your clients. You can also use it to help a friend or relative that is having trouble with their computer.

Other features provided with Ultraviewer are a chat window that you can use to talk to your partner, as well as instant file sharing. While most remote control programs are limited to just working on one computer, Ultraviewer lets you control multiple computers simultaneously.

Simple to Use

Ultraviewer is one of the easiest remote control programs you can use. As soon as you open the program, you're presented with a window that lets you choose whether to allow remote control on your computer or to connect to another remote system. It provides you with a unique user ID, as well as an automatically generated password, which you can give to the user connecting to your computer remotely. It's also possible to specify a custom password.

Not as Powerful as Similar Programs

Even though Ultraviewer offers some interesting features that aren't available in the standard Windows Remote Desktop application, such as chat and easy file sharing, it's not as powerful as other remote access programs like Teamviewer. One of the main complaints that users had about it is that it doesn't have a mobile version or support operating systems other than Windows. Because of this, you can't use it on mobile devices or computers that are based on other platforms, like macOS or Linux.

However, Ultraviewer is still quite good for a free tool. If you just want a very simple solution that lets you access another PC remotely, you'll probably be satisfied with its functionality.


  • 100 percent freeware
  • Easy to use
  • Provides convenient features, like a chat window and file sharing


  • Not as powerful as other remote access programs

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